Update on more recent changes

More recent changes to the site have covered work on:

  • Photographing kingfishers and achieving a "commended" in the Sony World Photography Awards
  • Further visits to Unst in Shetland to observe otters.
  • A trip to Finland in 2015 to photograph European Brown Bears
  • Photographing grizzly bears in Alaska
  • Photographing wildlife in Indonesia in 2018
  • A visit to Uganda in 2019

Further changes are now being made to the site to concentrate on my interest in wildlife photograpy and earlier work related to RPS projects has been archived.

Harvest combining on a Hertfordshire farm
Addition of a new gallery "Harvest Time" with photographs of combining on a Hertfordshire farm.
Scotland 2013 images and new work on otters

Images from a trip in Septamber 2013 to Aigas near Inverness and then Shetland. Otter images are also shown under the "Otter" gallery.

WWF Polar Bear article published - February 2013

"Publications" section shows an article published in the February 2013 issue of WWF's Polar Bear Update following identification of Polar Bear N23989 photographed on the trip I made to Svalbard with Natures-Images lead by Danny Green and Mark Sisson in June of 2012.

Aigas Field Centre

The "Aigas - October 2012" Gallery covers images from a week at the Aigas Field Centre near Inverness (recently host to BBC "Autumnwatch" and "Winterwatch") with Laurie Campbell on his Nature Photography Masterclass. Both tutor and venue are highly recommended.

Gallery extended to include new work on Otters and Deer

In addition to images captures in Mull, Scotland the "Otter" Gallery also includes a couple of recent shots of a mother and cub taken at Paxton Pits in Cambridgeshire.

Bradgate Park in Leistershire is a good location to view vthe autumn rut of Red and Fallow Deer - with sight also of a stoat on my last visit.

Site launch

Welcome to SimonHawkinsPhotography.com and launch of my website including images from a recent trip (16th June to 6th July) to Svalbard "Land of the Ice Bear" with Natures-Images, lead by Danny Green and Mark Sissons.